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Dubai’s Premier Trade Show Booth Designing Company

Emirates exhibits, the award-wining trade show designing company located in the heart of Sharjah, UAE. Having the experience to be an industry leader and the talent to be an innovator we prove our tag of best trade show booth Design Company in Dubai, with a track record of excellence. Dubai being the world’s fastest growing economies offers utmost business opportunities to various enterprises across the globe. The city is becoming the home to many aspiring entrepreneur activities, meetings, conferences, different events, exhibitions and trade shows. At emirates Exhibits we provide high standard trade show booth where you can conduct industry specific trade shows for your business to promote and demonstrate new products and services, generating business leads, make contacts and connections and you also can grow distribution channels. We provide trade show booths for every industry and trade such as restaurants, home and garden, fashion, art and craft, personal care and beauty, automobiles and technologies etc., which will drag crowd of thousands to see the newest style in the industry. Almost major part of attendees is usually from insiders of specific industries, making the scope of business to be very high. So it’s quite essential for every business to arrange a trade show to gain maximum attention from the industry along with lots of benefits like,

  • It can generate high quality relevant business leads
  • Get effective feedback from Industry experts
  • Develop and increase your brand awareness
  • And can generate a huge amount of revenue from it.

Emirates Exhibits is one of the best exhibition booth builders of Dubai, presenting you with world class exhibits designed to inspire and engage your audience. We make the right trade show booth for your show and brand. Being the leading Trade show booth builders our experts creates unforgettable brand experience and relationship on the floor of trade show. We always focus on providing designer and innovative styles to give your trade show a dynamic and creative edge you are looking for. We offer our clients with the first rate project management services to give a relaxed trade show experience. Our customer service team will also go above and beyond to assist our clients at point of time. Ensuring you to reflect your ideal brand image in your trade show our expert team of designers will collaborate with you. Our team of expert designers will work with you to create a trade show booth that transforms your brand into an engaging experience. We at our company works more like a family than a company, and we treat our clients the very same way.

Trade show booth design is much more than a checklist of lounge areas, accent walls, furniture and other architectural features. To connect with potential customers, you have to make your trade show an unforgettable one, for which our design team thrives. We want to create a perfect booth for you customized to your needs without any limitations. The important elements which our designers must take into consideration are,

  • Trade show graphic design
  • Project Management
  • Custom Booth Construction
  • Custom Rentals
  • High class A/V
  • Booth Staging
  • And onsite Supervision

  To make your dream event to the remarkable one, our expert team will follow all the parameters. The first thing to consider is the graphic designs, because it will tell your brand story and communicate with the experience your customers expect to have it with you. Our team of graphics designers will create one of the finest graphics design for you customized to your needs and helping you to set up your business apart from the competition.  Our Project management team will dedicatedly work with you throughout the journey in every step of the trade show process.  From meeting critical registration deadlines to show compliance requirements or coordinating the shipping and labor management for your booth, we take care of all the details, helping you focus on accomplishing your goals.

Exhibition Booth Builder

At Emirates Exhibits we have the best designers from all over the world, which will build and engineer all your needs, whether you are looking for a complete one of a kind booth or just a few custom elements all within your budget.  We always focus on cost effective solutions to lower your storage, transportation, labor expenses and all other operating costs. Our experts will create greater visuals in your trade booth that make your brand look and feel impactful. We work with the best to ensures you have incredible video walls, projection mapping, virtual reality capabilities and many more as audio and video capabilities in trade show have becoming extremely popular now days. The most important aspect is the booth staging and our expert team will work efficiently to give you the booth which will look the way you imagined it on the show floor. As a best exhibition booth builder we provide clients extra support on the trade show floor. Our expert team will always be there to assist you with show service such as rigging, Electrical, drayage and more, focusing on accomplishing your goals for the show not worrying about whether the booth is assembled on time or not. Integrating all the features into one Emirates Exhibits proves its name to be the best trade show booth design provider of Dubai.

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